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Akshat Rathi: Climate Capitalism

Our 50th episode, featuring Bloomberg's senior climate reporter

In this milestone 50th episode,

interviews about his book "Climate Capitalism," discussing the intersections of technology, policy, and systemic change needed to combat climate change. Akshat shares personal stories, insights from his research, and his views on the future of capitalism in addressing environmental issues. This episode combines deep analysis with light-hearted moments, offering listeners both education and entertainment.

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Key Topics:

  • Theories of change and the necessity of systemic reform

  • Economic rationale behind addressing climate change

  • Role of businesses and governments in fostering sustainable practices

  • Personal anecdotes from Akshat's life and career

  • Challenges and opportunities in climate action

  • Insights on technological innovations and their impact on the environment


  • [02:21] Theories of Change and Climate Capitalism

  • [07:29] Economic Rationale and Systemic Levers

  • [13:35] Personal Anecdotes and Inspirations

  • [18:47] The Role of Businesses and Governments

  • [23:45] Challenges and Opportunities in Climate Action

  • [29:22] Insights on Technological Innovations

  • [34:17] Audience Q&A and Funniest Moments

  • [40:00] Final Thoughts and What's Next for Akshat

Akshat's Catalysts:

  1. The Great Derangement by Amitav Ghosh

  2. The Best of Times, The Worst of Times by Paul Behrens

  3. The Current War (Movie)

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