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Battery Belts and Boardroom Battles: Colin Mahoney stumps for NYC as climate tech capital

Battery Belts and Boardroom Battles: Colin Mahoney stumps for NYC as climate tech capital

Richard Delevan sits down with Colin Mahoney, founder of Mahoney Communications Group, to explore the burgeoning climate tech scene in New York City. From policy-driven growth to the key players driving innovation, Colin provides an insider's perspective on what makes NYC a unique hub for climate technology. They also delve into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, the role of private capital, and the importance of adaptation technologies.

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Guest: Colin Mahoney - Founder of Mahoney Communications Group

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to Colin Mahoney:

    • Background in public relations and climate tech.

    • Transition from working with automotive clients to focusing on climate technology.

  2. New York City as a Climate Tech Hub:

    • Role of NYSERDA and state policies in fostering innovation.

    • Comparison with other cities like Boston, San Francisco, and Austin.

  3. Key Companies and Projects Mentioned:

  4. Policy and Private Capital:

    • The impact of federal and state policies on private capital investment.

    • How companies are adapting to changes in the financial landscape post-SVB collapse.

  5. Adaptation Technologies:

    • The growing importance of technologies to adapt to climate change.

    • Potential areas for investment and innovation in food security, water desalination, and urban resilience.

  6. Personal Insights:

    • Colin’s motivation for working in climate tech.

    • The influence of his daughter’s school project on his professional mission.

  7. Looking Ahead:

    • Predictions for the future of NYC’s climate tech scene.

    • The role of local and federal governments in supporting sustainable growth.

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Host: Richard Delavan


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Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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