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Climate Comedy. It's Science. #WINNING

Climate Comedy. It's Science. #WINNING

Innovation Zero 2024 compere Dr. Matt Winning joins the chat. Last chance for free tix!


We’re getting this out before 31 March 2024 to remind you of your last chance to get free tickets to Innovation Zero at the London Olympia next month. Where you also might get a chance to see Matt Winning who will host the Innovation Zero Awards (ticketed separately) on the evening of 30th April.

After the 31st, tickets for the 2-day event go for £199 each.


Richard Delevan sits down with Dr. Matt Winning, who strikes the balance of being the OG of climate comedy with capital-S Serious academic as Head of Climate Research at Oxford Economics.

In addition to pitching ourselves to Gary Lineker and Goalhanger to front “The Rest is Climate”, and suggesting that outgoing Climate Change Committee head Chris Stark could benefit from his own Anger Translator (if you’ve seen the Obama version), we explore how Matt keeps that balance.

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Show Notes

[00:00:42] The Intersection of Comedy and Climate:

  • Matt describes the moment he decided to merge his work on climate change with his passion for comedy.

  • The challenges and rewards of communicating serious topics through humor.

[00:04:51] Career Path and Unexpected Turns:

  • Matt reflects on his unexpected journey from academia to the comedy stage.

  • Discussion on how current events, like Brexit and the election of Trump, influenced his comedy on climate change.

[00:11:23] Audience Reactions Over Time:

  • How audience perceptions and knowledge of climate change have evolved since Matt started his comedy career.

  • The impact of global events, such as the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and the rise of Greta Thunberg, on public awareness.

[00:17:29] The Dynamics of Climate Comedy:

  • The process of crafting comedy that resonates with both climate experts and the general public.

  • Matt's experience with balancing humor and factual accuracy in his performances.

[00:21:48] Comedy as a Vehicle for Climate Communication:

  • Insights into how comedy can break down barriers and engage people in climate conversations.

  • Examples from Matt's shows that have effectively combined laughter with learning.

[00:27:15] Looking Ahead: Future Projects and Ambitions:

  • Matt shares his plans for future comedy projects, including shows that incorporate theatrical elements and staged protests.

  • The importance of creating new platforms and spaces for climate-related comedy.

[00:31:08] Recommendations and Inspirations:

  • Matt discusses the sources of inspiration for his work, including conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences with climate change.

  • Recommendations for audiences interested in exploring the intersection of comedy and climate action.


  • A wrap-up of the key insights from the conversation with Matt Winning.

  • How listeners can follow Matt's work and upcoming projects.

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Wicked Problems
Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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