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ClimateX's $18m A round, Political Risk, and London Climate Week

ClimateX's $18m A round, Political Risk, and London Climate Week

Lukky Ahmed, Peter Sainsbury, and voices from Reset Connect at the ExCel

Richard Delevan reports from London Climate Week 2024. Starting at the Groucho Club, he brings listeners to the flagship event at the ExCel, showcasing the vibrancy of the climate tech sector. He highlights interviews with key industry leaders including Duncan Reid of Reset Connect, Sarah Mackintosh of Clean Tech UK, and Lukky Ahmed, CEO of ClimateX, who discusses their recent $18 million funding round.

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Ahmed explains how ClimateX focuses on helping financial institutions integrate climate risk into their models through sophisticated data analytics. Further discussions touch on the challenges and opportunities of the private sector in climate adaptation finance, the role of public policies, and the upcoming political developments that could impact the sector.

Additional insights come from

of Carbon Risk, discussing the effects of political shifts on carbon markets. The terrific Carbon Risk political risk pricing analysis that led to this chat:

Carbon Risk
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And EDB’s Kenneth Ler on the ambitious sustainability goals of Singapore.

The episode underlines the importance of policy stability, innovation, and global collaboration in tackling climate change.

01:58 Overview of ClimateX's Mission

02:13 ClimateX's Unique Approach to Climate Risk

04:16 Focus on Financial Sector

06:23 Data and Technology Behind ClimateX

11:55 Adaptation and Future Plans

20:45 Advice for Founders

25:46 Introduction to Peter Sainsbury and Carbon Risk

27:50 European Elections and Green Backlash

33:35 Impact on Carbon Markets and Policies

40:23 UK Political Landscape and Climate Policies

45:44 Discussing Market Opportunities and Challenges

46:12 Singapore’s pitch at Reset Connect

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Wicked Problems
Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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