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COP28 & RMI's Cara Maesano on Carbon Removal Pathways

COP28 & RMI's Cara Maesano on Carbon Removal Pathways

As King Charles kicks things off in Dubai, we talk about RMI's just-released 400-page roadmap on carbon removal pathways.

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As things heat up at COP28 in Dubai, and world leaders discuss how to agree to stop putting carbon dioxide up into the atmosphere, what do we do with the 1000 Gigatons of CO2 we’ve already stuck up there?

Cara Maesano of RMI (formerly known as the Rocky Mountain Institute) speaks with co-hosts

and about RMI’s new comprehensive 400-page applied innovation roadmap on Carbon Removal. It analyses 32 different carbon removal pathways and is aimed at policymakers, investors and other funders to identify the gaps in R&D needed for a “silver buckshot” approach towards scaled solutions for pulling CO2 out of the air to get us down from whatever the level above 420 ppm we’ll be if and when we reach Net Zero emissions.

RMI: Applied Innovation Roadmap for CDR

Cara’s Catalysts:

Ministry for the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson

Climate Reparations: The Case for Carbon Removal, by David Wallace-Wells

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