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Is carbon the new gold?

Is carbon the new gold?

Joe Pretorius is one of the people behind TOCO, a carbon-backed digital currency launching this week in Switzerland.

In this episode of Wicked Problems, Richard talks with Joe Pretorius, one of the visionaries behind the “toco” currency and co-founder of The Carbon Reserve, a non-profit central bank that will manage the money supply of tocos by matching them with carbon credits, with those assets backing the currency - marking a huge difference in approach to assets from the decentralised, vibes-driven approach of cryptocurrencies. As it launches in Switzerland this week, soon to be followed by a launch in Denmark, discover how this carbon-backed digital currency aims to transform our approach to climate change mitigation and foster a sustainable future.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Genesis of the Toco: Joe explains the inspiration behind Toco, detailing its function as an independent carbon-backed currency designed to directly link everyday economic activities with climate action.

  2. Toco's Mechanism and Impact: Discover how Toco operates, its backing by carbon mitigation assets, and the potential it holds for promoting sustainable practices among individuals and businesses alike.

  3. A Vision for Better Money: Joe shares his philosophical perspective on why a carbon-based currency could be the key to a better world, emphasizing how Toco can enable individuals to make a meaningful climate impact effortlessly.

  4. Global Adoption and Regulatory Landscape: Learn about the challenges and successes of introducing Toco to different parts of the world, including regulatory hurdles and the critical role of community support in scaling this initiative.

  5. Personal Journey and Climate Awakening: Joe recounts a pivotal moment that deeply impacted his view on climate change, driving him to seek out innovative solutions and dedicate his efforts to environmental sustainability.

  6. Future Aspirations: Joe reflects on the potential long-term effects of Toco and similar initiatives on global climate policy, expressing hope for a future where financial systems are aligned with environmental goals.

Recommended Reading & Resources

  • "Ministry for the Future" by Kim Stanley Robinson: A novel that explores the social and economic impacts of climate change, influencing Joe's thinking and many others in the climate tech space.

  • The Toco App

  • The Carbon Reserve: Learn more about the organization behind Toco and its mission to combat climate change through financial innovation.

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Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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