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'Deep' Diligence & Power for the Long Haul

'Deep' Diligence & Power for the Long Haul

Volta.vc's Jeff Chamberlain talks LDES, the battery revolution, and why maybe chill out about China

In this episode of Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations, host Richard Delevan sits down with Jeff Chamberlain, CEO of Volta.vc, to discuss the future of electric vehicles and long-duration energy storage. Jeff shares insights from his extensive career in the energy sector, highlighting the importance of combining technical and financial lenses in investment, the evolution of battery technology, and the challenges and opportunities in the current market landscape. The conversation delves into Volta's unique approach to ‘deep’ (as opposed to just ‘due’) diligence in climate tech investing, the slow adaptation of legacy automakers, and the critical role of supply chains in scaling new technologies.

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Key Topics Discussed

  1. The Future of Electric Vehicles - Industry changes and the impact of emerging markets.

  2. Lithium-Ion Batteries - Advancements and long-duration storage potential.

  3. Investment Strategies - Combining technical and financial perspectives.

  4. Supply Chain Integration - Importance for scalability and market readiness.

  5. Market Trends and Adaptation - Challenges for legacy automakers and future predictions.

Most Interesting Takeaways

  1. [#LDES] is “like fusion. That's very far away."

    • Jeff on the long-term potential of long-duration energy storage technologies.

  2. "We look at every deal through two lenses: the technical lens of what it takes to scale a technology and the financial lens of making a return for our investors."

    • Jeff discussing Volta's unique investment approach.

  3. "The biggest surprise remains the slowness of the legacy automakers. Anyone paying attention could see electric vehicles coming, but they dragged their feet."

    • Jeff on the challenges legacy automakers face in adapting to new technology.

00:00 Introduction to Wicked Problems

00:06 The Rise of Chinese Automobiles

00:46 UK General Election Insights

01:26 Climate Litigation and European Elections

02:12 Ocean-Based Carbon Removal Startup Shuts Down

03:48 Tesla's Strategic Moves and Global Implications

05:55 Interview with Jeff Chamberlain: Volta's Mission

06:15 Challenges and Innovations in Battery Technology

28:21 The Future of Long Duration Energy Storage

33:43 Market Dynamics and Investment Strategies

38:13 Closing Thoughts and Recommendations

Resources Mentioned

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Wicked Problems
Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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