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Farm-Fresh Cornish Carbon Removals

Farm-Fresh Cornish Carbon Removals

Restord boss Tom Previte, podcaster-turned-founder, talks biochar, offtakers, and their Crowdfunder

In this episode, host Richard Delevan talks with Tom Previte, founder of Restord, a biochar carbon removal startup. Tom shares his journey from the tech startup world to climate impact, highlighting the critical need for carbon removal, the challenges of scaling biochar technology, and his unique connection to Cornwall, UK. They delve into the complexities of funding climate tech startups and the importance of making tangible impacts in the carbon removal industry.

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Key Topics Discussed:

  • Tom's background and journey into climate tech and carbon removal.

  • The founding of Restord and the focus on biochar as a carbon removal method.

  • Challenges faced in sourcing biomass and scaling biochar production.

  • Funding hurdles for carbon removal startups and innovative solutions.

  • The importance of tangible, immediate carbon removal technologies.

  • Insights on the future of the carbon removal industry.

Selected Quotes:

  1. "When you first uncover carbon removal, it's like going to a candy store. There are so many amazing technologies. Some people say that the best carbon removal method hasn't even been invented yet." – Tom Previte

  2. "Even if we flipped the switch tomorrow and transitioned away from fossil fuels overnight, there would still be enough residual CO2 in the atmosphere to push us over that 1.5-degree threshold. We need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere as well." – Tom Previte

  3. "Biochar felt like it was happening and delivering. It was the only carbon removal method that was actually delivering on its promise in the here and now, versus other methods that had far lower technology readiness levels." – Tom Previte

  4. "Funding a carbon removal business is different. Venture capitalists want to see big returns on investment, but at its core, we're hardware businesses and logistics companies. It’s very difficult to get venture backing." – Tom Previte

  5. "I think I've also learned that I don't need to be a deeply technical person or have a master's degree in climate change to have a positive impact in this space. I would encourage anybody to give things a go." – Tom Previte

Tom’s Catalysts:

  1. The Carbon Removal Show Podcast: Explore the podcast that Tom co-hosts, offering deep dives into various carbon removal methods and technologies.

  2. Grounded Podcast: Follow Tom’s journey in setting up Restord, a biochar carbon removal startup, through this candid and informative podcast series.

  3. Robert Höglund: Follow Robert Höglund for insightful perspectives on carbon removal and climate policy.

  4. Cornwall Council Match Funded Crowdfunder: Support Restord's crowdfunding campaign, which is match-funded by Cornwall Council.

  5. Visit Climeworks Orca Plant in Iceland: Learn more about the Climeworks Orca plant, one of the leading direct air capture facilities.

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