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It'd be a lot cooler if you did.

It'd be a lot cooler if you did.

In conversation with Christian Hernandez of 2150.

tells Richard Delevan what’s surprised him in climate tech investing since setting up 2150; why interest rates matter; where he sees opportunities going forward; and who from the “Facebook mafia” and old-skool VC he’s seen make the pivot to climate tech.

Christian Hernandez, via 2150.vc

Christian’s Catalysts:

  • The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells - and do check out his NY Times guest hosting on Ezra Klein’s show.

  • How to Avoid a Climate Disaster; The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need, by Bill Gates - which gave Christian “techno-optimism” about solutions after having the “living daylights” scared out of him by Wallace-Wells.

  • Speed and Scale; An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now, by John Doerr.

Blue Frontier, a 2150 portco rethinking air conditioning, which yesterday was named one of 15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch by MIT Tech Review.

Christian also gave shoutouts to people from his old tech days that have made the pivot to climate tech like Joshua March, co-founder of Sci-Fi Foods, and Michelle You, co-founder of Supercritical. And some VCs who also made the pivot: Daniel Waterhouse at Balderton; Albert Wenger at Union Square Ventures

Wicked Problems will be back soon with a new epsiode, featuring media critic

to talk about that Civitas junk science that flooded the zone right before the Conservative Party Conference.

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Wicked Problems
Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
A show about climate tech - the intersection of people, politics, technology, and capital that will help shape the future. And whether you'd want to live in it.