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Kristian Ruby, Eurelectric: Power to the People

Kristian Ruby, Eurelectric: Power to the People

2024 is moving from legislation to implementation, says power sector trade association secretary general

In this episode of Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations, host Richard Delevan sits down with Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric, to discuss the dynamic landscape of Europe's energy transition. They explore the role of Eurelectric in advocating for decarbonization, the challenges posed by the geopolitical shifts, and the necessity of modernizing Europe's electricity grid to support the burgeoning renewable energy sector.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Introduction to Eurelectric:
    Kristian Ruby provides an overview of Eurelectric, the trade association representing the European electricity industry. He outlines their key functions, including advocacy, business intelligence, coalition building, dissemination, and events.

  2. Commitment to Decarbonisation:
    Kristian emphasises Eurelectric's dedication to leading the charge in decarbonising the energy sector and supporting other industries in their transition to clean energy.

  3. Challenges of Environmental and Climate Protection:
    The discussion delves into the paradox where environmental protection measures sometimes impede climate protection efforts. Kristian underscores the importance of addressing both issues synergistically.

  4. Geopolitical and Market Dynamics:
    Kristian explains the significant changes in Europe's geopolitical landscape over the past five years, particularly the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on energy policies and market stability.

  5. Infrastructure Investment and Modernization:
    The episode highlights the urgent need for substantial investments in grid modernization to accommodate the shift to renewable energy. Kristian discusses the financial and regulatory challenges involved.

  6. Innovative Solutions for Grid Expansion:
    Kristian talks about the importance of anticipatory investments, non-tariff funding, and leveraging digital technologies to reduce the overall cost of grid expansion.

  7. Stimulating Demand for Electricity:
    The conversation touches on the need for policies that stimulate demand for electricity, especially in industrial sectors, to ensure the viability of new renewable energy projects.

Key Quotes from Kristian Ruby:

  1. "We are very committed to this direction towards climate neutrality."

  2. "We need step change in order to make sure that we modernize our grids at the same pace as we build out renewables."

  3. "Climate change is going to be the biggest driver of biodiversity loss by mid-century. We really can't fix the one without fixing the other."

  4. "We have a very different situation today than we had five years ago."

  5. "We need to zero in on the regulatory solutions that allow us to do this rather than say no just because it doesn't comply with existing legislation standards."

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