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Peaceful Sabotage and Just Collapse: Klimakampf with Tadzio Müller

Guess who's back? And we toast absent friends.

This episode of Wicked Problems features a profound discussion featuring Dr. Tadzio Müller - an influential German climate activist who writes at Peaceful Sabotage - on recent elections, the failure of previous climate activism strategies, the psychological dynamics of society's rejection of climate action, and the need to reinvent activism to empower communities amidst impending climate disasters.

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” and cover a range of topics from the hunger strikes of climate activists in Germany, the emotional and practical aspects of activism, to the rise of right-wing populism in Europe and its implications. They compare current activism challenges to historical contexts, discuss the legitimacy and critique of electric capitalism with Tesla as a case example, and explore the importance of collective action and neighbourhood-level organisation in times of crisis. The conversation underscores the necessity for pragmatic and hopeful actions aligned with harsh realities to achieve meaningful change.

00:00 Introduction: The Struggle Against a Powerful System

00:53 Guest Introduction and Previous Conversations

01:23 Heat and Climate Activism

02:56 The Chessboard Analogy and Climate Movement Challenges

03:17 The Hunger Strike and Its Implications

10:21 Empowerment in Climate Activism

14:13 Climate Justice and Social Cooling

21:02 Election Analysis and Youth Voting Trends

29:44 Exploring the Capital Stack for Climate Solutions

30:07 The Nightmare Scenario: Grid Failure and Heatwaves

31:03 Book Recommendations and Activism Insights

31:43 Reflecting on Climate Probabilities and Activism

32:43 The Reality of Climate Collapse and Hope

36:13 Political Shifts and Right-Wing Movements

38:51 The Rise of Fascism in Europe

41:49 The Coming Out of the Asshole Society

46:32 The Role of Climate Activism in Society

50:46 Tesla and Electrocapitalism

56:34 Final Thoughts and Personal Reflections

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