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Running Tide Collapse & London Climate Week

Running Tide Collapse & London Climate Week

Duncan Reid of Reset Connect and Maeve Allsup of Latitude Media

A big double episode! Our guests, Maeve Allsup from Latitude Media and Duncan Reid, the organizer of Reset Connect, share their expert insights and experiences. Maeve discusses the recent developments in carbon removal, including the challenges faced by ocean-based CDR startups like Running Tide and the role of government procurement in the sector. Duncan takes us through the evolution of Reset Connect and its pivotal role in London Climate Action Week.


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Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Introduction and Updates:

    • Maeve Allsup's latest report on the shutdown of Running Tide, an ocean-based carbon removal company.

    • The role of government procurement in supporting carbon removal startups.

    • The impact of voluntary carbon markets on the viability of carbon removal technologies.

  2. In-depth Analysis of Running Tide’s Closure:

    • Overview of Running Tide’s approach to carbon sequestration.

    • Factors leading to the company's closure, including market challenges and internal issues.

    • The importance of transparency and data sharing in the carbon removal industry.

  3. Government and Private Sector Roles:

    • Insights into the U.S. Department of Energy’s pilot program for carbon removal procurement.

    • Comparison of different international models for carbon removal funding and regulation.

    • The influence of federal investment on private sector confidence and investment in carbon removal technologies.

  4. Local Community Concerns and Industry Challenges:

    • Navigating local politics and stakeholder concerns in deploying carbon removal projects.

    • The balance between federal support and local community interests.

    • The potential impact of upcoming elections on the carbon removal sector.

  5. Reset Connect and Climate Tech Events:

    • Duncan Reid’s journey in organizing Reset Connect as a flagship event for London Climate Action Week.

    • The growth and evolution of Reset Connect from virtual webinars to large-scale in-person events.

    • The importance of networking and cross-sector collaboration in driving climate action.

  6. Future Directions and Industry Trends:

    • Thematic focuses of Reset Connect 2024, including nature-based solutions and regulatory compliance.

    • The role of startups and investors in the climate tech ecosystem.

    • The potential long-term impact of climate tech events on business practices and sustainability efforts.


  1. Maeve Allsup: "If the tech is viable, we need to know because somebody else in the industry can pick it up and run with it. If it's not, we also need to know because everybody is trying to figure out what works and what doesn't."

  2. Duncan Reid: "We want sustainability and Net Zero to become business as usual. That would be the holy grail."

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Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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