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Rupert Read & Liam Kavanagh: Is there a durable majority for climate action?

Rupert Read & Liam Kavanagh: Is there a durable majority for climate action?

Climate Majority Co-Founders Rupert Read and Liam Kavanagh discuss their book and project

In this episode, Richard Delevan is joined by Rupert Read and Liam Kavanagh, who are spearheading the Climate Majority Project. They dive deep into the implications of their initiative, discussing the current state of climate awareness and the strategic moves required to mobilize and empower a climate-conscious majority.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to the Climate Majority Project: Read and Kavanagh outline the project's goals to deepen and activate a global concern for climate change, turning passive concern into active engagement​​.

  2. Challenges of Achieving a Climate Majority: The discussion covers the complexities of public opinion and activism, highlighting the necessity of sustained, strategic actions over simple technological or electoral solutions​​.

  3. Strategic Adaptation for Emergency Resilience (SAFER): Kavanagh introduces SAFER, a new campaign focused on making communities more resilient through proactive adaptation strategies​​.

  4. The Role of Public and Private Sectors: They discuss the critical role of both sectors in pushing for regulatory changes that support sustainable practices and climate adaptation​​.

  5. Empowerment through Education and Action: The importance of community-level actions and educational initiatives that enable individuals to engage with climate issues in meaningful ways is emphasized​​.


  • Rupert Read, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

  • Liam Kavanagh, Social Scientist and Co-founder of the Life Itself Project.

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Climate Majority Project Website: ClimateMajorityProject.com

  • Book: "The Climate Majority Project" by Rupert Read and Liam Kavanagh et al

  • BBC interview with Chris Stark:

  • Our previous chat with Tadzio Mueller:

  • And Solitaire Townsend:

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Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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