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Tau Carbon Founders on What's Next for CDR

Tau Carbon Founders on What's Next for CDR

We take a break from the UK climate political scene to talk with John Lin and Amber Janda on where the CDR market goes from here.

As Running Tide folds and Microsoft and Google scramble to figure out how to make up for rising emissions from AI and data centres, what’s next for the carbon removals market?

Recovering lawyer John Lin and Dr. Amber Janda, co-founders of Tau Carbon, join us to discuss. They discuss their journey from academics and different career paths to establishing a company focused on carbon removal using innovative biomass storage solutions. The conversation explores the inspiration behind their venture, the technical and logistical challenges they faced, and the implications of carbon market dynamics. Highlighting the importance of low-cost, scalable solutions, Tau Carbon aims to preserve biomass in an above-ground system to efficiently capture and retain CO2. The co-founders also reflect on the competitive landscape, referencing similar startups like Graphyte, and discuss policy needs to support broader adoption of carbon removal technologies.

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00:00 Introduction to Wicked Problems

00:14 Inspiration and Challenges in Climate Tech

01:24 UK Climate Politics and Global Tech Reactions

03:18 Introduction to Tau Carbon

04:34 John's Journey from Law to Climate Tech

06:48 Amber's Path in Chemical Engineering

09:58 The Genesis of Tau Carbon

14:37 Challenges and Evolution in Carbon Removal

20:00 Business Viability and Market Challenges

25:11 Reacting to Running Tide's Unexpected Exit

25:57 Challenges in Carbon Credit Market

27:23 Measurability and MRV in Carbon Removal

28:04 Technical Aspects of Carbon Storage

31:39 Comparing Approaches: Tau vs. Graphyte

37:08 Policy and Market Dynamics in CDR

42:35 Future Prospects and Final Thoughts

Catalysts for John and Amber

  • Greta Thunberg - John was deeply inspired by Greta Thunberg’s activism, which galvanized people worldwide to take action on climate change. Her ability to mobilize masses highlighted the power of collective action.

More about Greta Thunberg

  • "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore - Both John and Amber cited this seminal documentary as a major influence. It played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the urgency of climate change and inspired them to pursue solutions in this field.

Watch "An Inconvenient Truth" on Amazon

  • "Good Night, and Good Luck" (2005) - Amber mentioned this film about Edward R. Murrow's battle against Senator McCarthy as influential. It underscored the importance of using one's skills and platforms for the greater good.

Watch "Good Night, and Good Luck" on Amazon

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Wicked Problems
Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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