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[UPDATE] Laughing and Swearing (with a National Treasure) through Climate Crisis

[UPDATE] Laughing and Swearing (with a National Treasure) through Climate Crisis

Nick Oldridge ploughed his family fortune into getting comedians - including national treasure Jo Brand - to translate climate science. Is it working?

UPDATED: So the mystery is solved. It’s only Jo Brand fronting the lads’ latest #climatesciencetranslated video - with a MCU-style post-credits scene thrown in. Congrats to Nick and Ben on a great video.

Welcome back to Wicked Problems. We know when we’re outclassed so this time we’ll leave the jokes to the professionals.

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and were joined by Ben Carey and Nick Oldridge, the co-founders of Climate Science Breakthrough. Like most really good comedy it’s deadly serious at its core - like spending your family fortune on a climate science comedy project instead of your kids.

We hear about how the project came about, why they thought putting comedians like Nish Kumar and Jonathan Pie together with climate scientists like Dr. Fredi Otto and Professor Joanna Haigh might break through in new ways about the climate problems and solutions.

And backed by some eye-opening research about the gap between climate scientists and the general public - eg. the scientists are both more pessimistic about the future but also more aware we have the solutions to do something about it.

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Oldridge and Carey are about to release the fourth video in their series, but this is a chance to catch up on the ones that have been released so far and hear the story behind them.

And some of the other videos we referenced:

Bassem Youssef + Piers Morgan

Dr. Matthew Winning

Rolleigh Williams


Thanks for listening. We’ll be back soon with another episode.

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