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Will Climate Litigation Save Us?

Will Climate Litigation Save Us?

Kate Higham, policy fellow at the Grantham Institute on their 6th annual definitive report on subject, says the picture is mixed. Sorry.

In this episode of Wicked Problems, host Richard Delevan discusses global climate litigation trends with Kate Higham, Policy Fellow at the Grantham Institute and head of the Climate Laws of the World Project.

Get Global trends in climate change litigation: 2024 snapshot - Grantham Institute.

They explore the efficacy and future of climate litigation against governments and corporations, the justice concerns between the Global North and South, and potential legislative solutions like Vermont’s recent Climate Superfund Act. Higham also addresses the complexities of climate and biodiversity cases, the influence of rising populist governments on climate rulings, and the potential parallels to the tobacco litigation era. The episode closes with reflections on current political climates worldwide and key events influencing future climate policies.

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Here’s this episode’s lineup.

00:00 Introduction to Climate Justice and Global South Concerns

00:50 Upcoming UK Election and Climate Leadership

01:00 Intro 01:58 Grantham Institute's Climate Litigation Report

02:33 Live Election Night Event Announcement

03:28 Interview with Kate Higham on Climate Litigation Trends

07:42 Challenges in Climate Litigation and Biodiversity Cases

14:28 Polluter Pays Cases and Global Tax Proposals

22:23 Political Implications of Climate Litigation

29:05 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Because we really hope tomorrow night offers some good news for the climate, we also thought it was important to just nod to the global context. Michael E. Mann fretting that a Trump 2.0 means “game over” for climate. The meltdown over whether Joe Biden, the best US president on climate since Theodore Roosevelt, can continue his candidacy. James Murray’s welcome optimism tempered by realism in responding to Ed Miliband’s promise to restore UK global climate leadership. Seeing things as they are is not easy. But necessary.

See you tomorrow night!

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Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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