“Had a great chat with Richard Delevan about the global energy transition, critical minerals and my book, THE WAR BELOW. Have a listen, subscribe to this great podcast,” - Ernest Scheyder, Reuters senior correspondent and bestselling author

“there’s been a murder” - Dr. Matt Winning

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Wicked Problems aims to be your business intelligence source for Climate Tech: the intersection of technology, capital, and politics that will determine what the future looks like, whether it’s one you’d want to live in, and how to be on the right side of transition risk.

It’s a great way to keep up on how climate tech innovators — in renewables, energy storage, electrification, carbon dioxide removal, climate finance, new materials, transport, biodiversity, AI, and more — are telling their stories, getting funded, dealing with a chaotic policy environment, and coping with the slings and arrows of leading the most important technology revolution of our lifetimes.

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Richard Delevan is a gamekeeper-turned-poacher-turned-gamekeeper whose unusual career on three continents has taken him from journalism to consultancy and startups and back again. These days he’s normally trapped in the UK but with a global perspective and an insider’s sense of the real story. He’s been shaping narratives about Climate Tech since before it was A Thing.

Richard was one of the first national newspaper business editors to initiate dedicated coverage of climate tech, a startup executive who navigated a tricky ecosystem to help his firm find a niche, and a communications strategist.

Reach him at richard.delevan@wickedproblems.uk.

He started Wicked Problems because executives and communicators working in energy and climate tech weren’t getting analysis and insights from a no-BS, insider, pro-climate tech POV. Richard continues to consult and generally avoids commenting on a client in Wicked Problems — but this isn’t his first rodeo: he doesn’t write about a client or any organisation in which he has a financial interest without full disclosure.

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Blah, blah, blah: Life is too short for boring content. If you want pablum and strings of bromides there’s always ChatGPT. The reason you care about Climate Tech is because climate is the ultimate wicked problem, and comes with a deadline.

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