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Election Night As it Happened with Wicked Problems LIVE!

All-star cast of guests figure out what the results mean in real time for climate policy and climate tech in the UK and beyond.

Starting with a 5-minute lookback at the 14-year tragi-comic arc of the rise and fall of British “cleantech Conservativism” ending in last night’s denouement, our all-star panel pushed through some of the tech glitch joys of live narrowcasting to let you think beyond this morning’s obvious headlines.

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As Prashant Rao from Semafor and Ben Cooke of The Times rightly pointed out, climate was at best a middling issue in terms of voting intent. It goes without saying that the farcical ending of 14 years of Conservative-led government isn’t down solely or mostly to their slouch into anti-Net Zero populism. But the future of politics will depend on the lessons what remains of the Conservative party draw now, and whether the Nigel Farage/Reform offer of a quick fix proves too tempting - despite all data to the contrary.

Labour’s win was more or less a foregone conclusion. So we play past that to focus on how climate tech, renewables, energy, planning reform, and climate comedy will fare amongst the competing priorities facing the new government.

As Sarah Mackintosh of Cleantech for UK, BOLD VOODOO founder Ben Kilbey, political analyst Mick Fealty, and Martello CEO Jonny Mulligan said, it’s policy certainty that the sector needs to thrive.

But as Andy Williams of Penta Group pointed out from their research into alignment between Labour’s front bench and all their constituency candidates, settling the doctors’ strike and other industrial action will be first in the queue - but the needed settlement will reduce the headroom of funding for climate.

More considered thoughts to come as the dust settles. But enjoy the madcap rush through the exit poll release at 10pm and more! See Pablo O’Hana’s infectious grin as the Lib Dem breakthrough became clear, James Drewer’s gallows humour as his old Conservative comrades fall to Reform insurgents, Jonathan Caleb-Landy’s peregrinations from his Labour victory party in Chelsea and Fulham, and Rupert Read’s takes on the Greens which this morning 2x overperformed what they seemed likely to achieve last night from exit polls.

Thanks to all our guests for staying up with us!

And seriously you gotta watch the montage:

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