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Ciarán Cuffe: Decarbonising EU's buildings. Ireland. Climate. COP. 2024.

Ciarán Cuffe: Decarbonising EU's buildings. Ireland. Climate. COP. 2024.

Dublin Green MEP just navigated key energy legislation to final stage in the world's largest economic bloc.

In this enlightening episode of Wicked Problems host Richard Delevan sits down with Ciarán Cuffe, a prominent Green Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Dublin, known for his pivotal role in shaping European climate and energy policies. They dive into an array of critical issues, including the outcomes of COP28, the evolving landscape of European climate policy, the significance of the re-cast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, and the pressing challenges and prospects leading up to the 2024 European Parliament elections.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Climate Breakdown and Optimism: Cuffe opens with a stark observation of climate breakdown, underscored by the extreme weather events sweeping across Europe. Yet, he remains optimistic, citing Europe's advancements in doubling energy efficiency over the past decade as a beacon of hope and potential for future progress.

  • European Elections and Climate Policy: As the conversation shifts towards the 2024 European Parliament elections, Cuffe expresses a desire to see the debate focus on the need for sustained green voices in European politics to ensure the continuity of ambitious climate policies.

  • New Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: Cuffe shares insights into his instrumental role in navigating the recast directive through the EU's legislative process. The directive mandates a significant enhancement in the energy performance of buildings, aiming for an A energy rating by 2050, marking a pivotal step towards reducing the EU's carbon footprint.

  • Challenges of Migration and Social Media's Role: Cuffe addresses the complexities of migration in Europe, advocating for a balanced and empathetic approach. He also highlights the concerning impact of social media in amplifying hate and driving violence, underscoring the need for more controlled and responsible digital communication platforms.

  • Looking Ahead to Elections 2024: With an eye towards the future, Cuffe discusses his aspirations for further legislative impacts on Europe's green transition, emphasizing the critical role of continued innovation, investment, and international cooperation in tackling the climate crisis.

Episode Highlights with Timestamps

  • [00:00:03-00:04:11] Cuffe's candid reflections on the mixed outcomes of COP28 and the intrinsic lag between political decision-making and scientific urgency.

  • [00:06:48-00:07:33] The anticipated impact of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the nuanced challenges of its implementation.

  • [00:24:46-00:28:53] The potential effects of the 2024 European Parliament elections on climate policy, amidst a backdrop of rising right-wing populism.

  • [00:28:53-00:33:20] Cuffe's nuanced take on migration, the importance of targeted development aid, and the critical need for a reevaluation of the Dublin regulation to foster a more equitable and sustainable approach to addressing global inequalities.

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Wicked Problems - Climate Tech Conversations (Subscriber Feed)
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